Grant Program Accepts In-Kind Donation Request for Equipment or to Offset the Cost of Equipment from Non-Profit Agencies or Departments that Provides Public Safety Services (Police, Fire, EMS, Rescue, etc) in the United States via our Grant Program.


We accept grant requests of up to $650.00. Applications are accepted year-round and reviewed on a quarterly basis by a three person committee, approximately 2 grants per quarter are funded.

Due Date Review Date
January 31st February 15th
April 30th May 15th
July 31st August 15th
October 31st November 15th


Grant Requests Must be Submitted on Department Letterhead (there is NO application form) and should be scanned and emailed to


The Grant Request must include:

1) A Complete Description of the Department Including

    • Brief History of the Department
    • Coverage Area
    • Services Provided
    • Call Volume for the Last 3 Years
    • Apparatus
    • Department Funding
    • Personnel - Paid & Volunteer

2) Goals of The Project

    • Specific Request for Desired Products with Quantities
    • Matching Funds
    • The Apparatus on which the Products will be Used
    • Information about that Apparatus including Type and Frequency of Use
    • Justification of Need for the Project
    • Any Additional Information You Feel May Be Helpful to Us

3) The Following Statement Must be Included In Your Grant Request

I hereby certify that the included information is complete and accurate and without omissions. The submission of false or misleading information shall be grounds for the rejection of this application and all future applications from (insert name of department or agency). If false or misleading information is discovered after the awarding of a grant, I understand the along with (insert name of department or agency), I will be personally responsible for reimbursing the full retail value of all equipment to Group.

4) The Grant Request must be signed by all of the following

    • Grant Writer(s)
    • Ranking Officer or Chief of the Department/Agency
    • Ranking Financial Officer, CFO, or Treasurer of the Department/Agency

5) Please Include

    • 501c3 Certificate
    • Blanket Tax Exemption Form (If Located within the State of Pennsylvania)
    • Department/Agency Financial Statements for the Past Three Years
    • Current Vehicle Registration for the Apparatus in the Project
    • Contact Information for Grant Writer
    • Photographs, Drawings or Additional Material (Optional)


Considerations for Award

  • Considerations for Award
    • Demonstration of Need
    • Matching Funds
    • Proximity of Response Area to Western Pennsylvania (150 miles of Pittsburgh, PA)
    • Availability of Grant Funding from Group
  • We will NOT Consider
    • Incomplete Applications
    • Grant Requests for Equipment for
      • Personally Owned Vehicles
      • Department Owned Take-Home Vehicles 
    • We Rarely Approve Requests
        • Grant Requests without Matching Funds
        • Non-Permanent Equipment (Magnet or Suction Cup Mount)
          • Equipment for Reserve or Second-Line Apparatus
            • Vehicles which are Primarily used by a single person
            • Requests for Equipment for Off-Road Vehicles such as ATVs, Bicycles, Boats, etc are considered on a Case-by-Case Basis

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